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Pure Magnesium Spa Treatments

Unveiling unique wellness of the future

Signature Spa Treatments

A new generation of signature spa treatments combining health, beauty and wellness. Decisively designed to holistically replenish and re-mineralise the body with this pure essential mineral. Sustain, balance and strengthen your health & wellbeing from within, addressing the excesses of living modern life, a blissful sensory experience naturally soothing with an elevating and relaxing effect on body and mind.


Rejuvenating Magnesium Immersion

Once you experience soaking in pure power magnesium you will feel revived and restored to new life and vigor. Magnesium is a miracle mineral in its purest and most effective form unpolluted by humans and our environment with the highest natural quality for topical applications. Warm water infused with pure magnesium from the perfectly preserved 250 million years old ancient Zechstein Sea. During the twenty minutes immersion the body has the amazing ability to absorb the magnesium ions through the skin bringing minerals to your cells and carrying oxygen to your muscles. As the effects of magnesium continue to work you will feel re-energized helping to stay resilient to both physical and emotional stress. An effective way of increasing magnesium levels in your body, scientifically proven.


Magnesium Mineral Manicure

Hands are the reflection of the human soul. Nourish your hands with this magnesium mineral manicure. Starting with a detoxifying and cleansing soak with pure magnesium flakes, followed by a delicate scrub including magnesium, jojoba granules, avocado oil and coconut which hydrates and rejuvenates the skin. The texture of the skin on your hands is softened by the ultra-concentrated magnesium cream to complete the treatment.

magnesium pedicure-min_edited.jpg

Magnesium Pamper Pedicure

Our feet are the foundation of our body. Through the soles of our feet we detox. Magnesium Pamper Pedicure is performed completely reinvigorate our feet, relieve our nerves, and improve circulation. The treatment starts with a detoxifying and cleansing soak with pure magnesium flakes from the ancient Zechstein Sea. Followed by an exfoliating scrub containing magnesium, jojoba granules, avocado oil and coconut which soothes and hydrate the skin. Complete this treatment with magnesium cream feeding the skin with a super-hydrating burst of nutrition’s.

magnesium pedicure-min.jpg

Magnesium Massage Boost

Enhance your massage with Pure Magnesium Oil for a powerful magnesium boost. Magnesium is called the “anti-stress mineral” and encourages more then 350 physical processes in the human body. Experience a massage in the evening, this magnesium boost will generate the production of Gaba which encourages relaxation as well as a good night sleep. The most intense relaxant you have ever experienced. However, in the morning this magnesium boost provides energy by activating ATP which is fundamental within all of our body’s cells. You will start the day full of power and strength.

Powerful Magnesium Scrub

Get all the healing and moisturizing benefits of this powerful magnesium scrub treatment that deeply exfoliates and cleanses the skin. The magnesium from the ancient Zechstein Sea will purify and detox the epidermis. Gentle massage strokes facilitates better penetration of the magnesium ions which stimulates blood circulation and deeply relax the nervous system. Avocado, coconut and jojoba oil soothes and hydrates the skin and leaves your body feeling luxuriously smooth

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