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Staying Hydrated

It has been clinically proven that people who train intensively have a greater need for magnesium. On average, 400 mg of supplementation per day is a good magnesium balance to start with. We recommend a combination of Zechsal bath flakes and magnesium oil. A foot bath with 150 grams of magnesium flakes in (3 to 4 liters of water) twice a week. Or use 250 grams to 500 grams per regular bath (80 to 100 liters of water) twice a week. On the remaining days, apply 40 sprays of oil, preferably at regular intervals throughout the day. This is equivalent to 400 mg. These methods provide an extra boost and has an additional detoxifying effect.

Dosage and use for sports

Magnesium remains available in the body for 48 hours at most. This magnesium is consumed at an extra-fast rate during (intense) training. Therefore, it’s wise to supplement magnesium before training. Use 500 grams to 1 kg of Zechsal bath flakes per regular bath (80 to 100 liters of water) in the evening prior to your training this will create such a magnesium boost and is certainly recommended for endurance athletes.

Fast recovery method

A magnesium bath is the best recovery method, especially for athletes who participate in sports disciplines that demand explosive power. The immediate supply of extra magnesium will reduce muscular or joint pain, accelerate the detoxification process and help the body relax.

Sport injury treatment

Zechsal magnesium oil is often used to treat sports injuries (apply at least twice a day), Use the Zechsal magnesium gel as a compress it’s very effective to increase magnesium absorption and it’s used for treating, sprains and swellings. Apply the magnesium gel and wrap up the affected area (e.g. ankle or knee). After fifteen minutes, the compress can be removed, and the magnesium will have done its job! Additionally, to keep your magnesium levels steady, use the Zechsal Shampoo and Deodorant on a daily basis. The magnesium chloride in the Zechsal deodorant reduces excess sweating and in particular the pores of your armpits are considered beneficial for magnesium absorption!

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