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Zechsal Magnesium Flakes are ideal for replenishing the body with this essential mineral, promoting overall well-being, aiding skin health and relaxing muscles, effectively relieving tension and stiffness.


Rejuvenating Magnesium Immersion Spa Treatment. Warm water infused with pure magnesium from the perfectly preserved 250 million years old ancient Zechstein Sea. The body has the amazing ability to absorb the magnesium ions through the skin bringing minerals to your cells and carrying oxygen to your muscles.

Decisively designed to holistically replenish and re-mineralise the body with this pure essential mineral. Sustain, balance and strengthen your health & wellbeing from within, addressing the excesses of living modern life, a blissful sensory experience naturally soothing with an elevating and relaxing effect on body and mind.

Zechsal - Pure Magnesium Flakes Refill 4kg

SKU: 8718657170046
  • Genuine Zechstein® magnesium chloride flakes (and trace minerals) Pure magnesium chloride from the unique Zechstein® source. Produced according to the Zechstein Inside® batch protocol, ensuring the highest natural quality for topical applications. 47% magnesium chloride, crystal water.

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