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The widespread occurrence of magnesium deficiency is partially responsible for many maladies and illnesses we have today. In this book, an experienced doctor and magnesium expert, Dr. Barbara Hendel, describes the advantages of and how to use magnesium chloride in the forms of Magnesium Oil and Magnesium Flakes. It can be smoothed onto the skin or used in the bath, and it is taken up much more efficiently it in the body than magnesium gotten from our diet. A further advantage is that magnesium oil can be rubbed into the place where you are experiencing pain or discomfort, and thereby employed to its maximum effectiveness. In this guide, Dr. Hendel describes in detail how active people and athletes, pregnant women and people with recurring muscle cramps or insomnia can all benefit from magnesium oil. The spectrum of illnesses that it can be used to treat covers everything from diabetes and migraines, to arthritis and osteoporosis, and to skin and heart diseases. Personal reports, illustrated examples of treatments, and many useful tips make it easy for readers to apply our recommendations immediately and effectively treat their symptoms.

Magnesium Oil A User’s Guide by Dr Barbara Hendel

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